Best Choice Products French Easel Wooden Review

French Easel Wooden Sketch Box Portable Folding Art Artist Painters Tripod New

Not all artist stays inside a room. Most would love to wander around. Find the most beautiful subject they can search for and recreate it on their canvass. Of course, a large H-frame easel is not the tool of choice for this kind of occasion.

Having a portable sketch box easel is necessary for outdoor painting. One of the brands that we can suggest for this is the Artist Wood Easel (sorry, we have to shorten the name). This easel is perfect for artists who always love to create their arts outdoors.

Even if you are outside, an easel is still necessary. After all, you don’t have any platform in where you can put your canvass comfortably. However, you should pick a sketch box easel for this purpose. Any other easels would bother you because of their weight and bulk.

For example, you just can’t bring an H-frame easel on your outdoor adventures. There is no way you can carry that. Well, you can, but it would be too stressful for your part.

On the other hand, the Artist Wood Easel has all the features you need for a sketch box. It has a lot of functions that prove its portability. However, despite such features, you can still expect that this sketch box is truly sturdy.

This Artist Wood Easel review of ours will help you know this product. Later, you will know why it is one of the best easels out there!

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Maximum extendable height: 72 inches
Sitting Height: 55 inches
Pallet Dimensions: 11 inches x 17 5/8 inches
Drawer Dimensions: 12 inches (length) x 18 5/8 inches (width)
Compact Dimensions: 21 3/4 inches (legth) x 15 7/8 inches (width) x 6 1/2 inches (height)
Product Weight: 12 pounds
Portable sketch box

Features of the French Easel Wooden Sketch Box Portable Folding Art Artist Painters Tripod New

High-Quality Construction

The Artist Wood Easel is made from real elm wood, which is very sturdy. This premium hardwood is standard among top class wood crafts and furniture. For this easel to have this construction material is already amazing already. Its sturdy construction enables you to travel it comfortably. You don’t have to worry anymore that it might break while moving. Wherever you go, this easel will always be intact.

Aside from that, the Artist Wood Easel has also a brass hardware. This feature allows you to set up the easel in any position that you want. The brass hardware also adds to the rigidity of this easel. For us, that’s pretty amazing already.

Outdoor Ergonomics

Despite that it is a portable product, the Artist Wood Easel can still hold canvass of up to 72 inches. It is already high for a sketch box easel. Therefore, carrying this easel will not limit your artistry with a small canvas!

Aside from that, you will love that it has a set of telescopic legs. You can adjust these legs also on different heights and positions to cater your preference. This feature is matched with its non-skid feet to prevent the easel from sliding. Regardless of how slippery the surface, this easel will remain fixed and stable.

Moreover, the Artist Wood Easel comes with a leather handle so that you can carry it easily anywhere.

We should also tell you that this easel can be used on a table-top. Furthermore, it could serve you whether you are sitting or standing.

Artist Friendly

Artists like you are known to be messy. Sometimes, this thought never occurs to you until you see your art paraphernalia scattering all over the place. Luckily, the Artist Wood Easel has a solution for that.

This sketch box possesses a pull-out drawer in where you can put your art and crafting tools. This feature actually improves it portability. You can use this drawer to store your materials instead of carrying an extra storage.

Travelling light is one of the commandments when going outdoors. Regardless of your purpose, you should not travel with extra bulk. Unless if you are planning to stay long in an area.

Moreover, painting requires you to change position from time to time. It is better that you have an easel that you can pack quickly, together with your materials. This feature will keep you on the go.

Why Should You Buy The Artist Wood Easel?

An artist should be versatile at all times. If you want to improve your skills, going out to your comfort zone is a must.

Among all your armaments, the easel could be the heaviest. However, you should still carry one if you are doing your crafts outdoor. While you are outside, you are bare. You don’t have any platform in where you can put your canvass. And even if you find one, we are sure that it is not flat and steady.

Because of this, you a sketch box easel like the Artist Wood. It has all the ergonomics that you need for an outdoor excursion. It is light. You can pack it, and it has a drawer in where you can store your materials.

Moreover, the presence of its leather handle is a real proof that this easel is made for the artist on the go.

We should remind you that it is very unwise to carry an H-frame or A-frame outside. The H-Frame easel is bulky. On the other hand, the A-Frame easel is far too light and can’t perform well in outdoor situations.

Therefore, do yourself a favor. Buy the Artist Wood Easel and save yourself from these hassles.

Pros and Cons

• Woodcraft is made from Elm hardwood
• Have a shimmering brass hardware for extra rigidity
• Can extend up to 72 inches
• Have a set of telescopic legs and non-skidding feet
• Can fit canvases between 4 inches to 34 inches
• Have a drawer and leather handle

• Cannot accommodate canvases that are bigger than 40 inches

What Are Customers Saying About It?

The Artist Wood Easel has a good rapport on different online stores and retailers. Among all easels, this product is one of the most bought. And on our part, we could clearly understand why.

One female user said that she love this easel because it is already fully assembled. She also noted that the quality of this product reflects its description.

Another user commends this easel because of its friendly functions. The user told that it is sturdy enough to take anywhere without worrying about its weight.

On the other hand, many agreed that this easel is decently priced. It is not too expensive, but not too cheap either. The pricing just matches the quality of this product.


Overall, the French Artist Wood Easel of the Best Choice Products (name of manufacturer) is one satisfactory art tool. It is an ideal choice for those who constantly stays outdoor. This is because it has a rigid construction that can effectively deflect any elements that could damage it.

Aside from that, this easel comes with several features such as the pull-out drawer and strap. These ergonomics ensures that you can carry this easel anywhere you want!

Moreover, it provides enough stability and balance to cater medium-size canvases. Therefore, we highly recommend the use of this product to improve your versatility as an artist.