How to Get Paint Out of the Carpet

Painting on your interiors can be messy. The paint or materials you used can splash anywhere, regardless of how careful you are. If you have a carpet flooring, that could be a problem. Paints can be quite sticky to this type of surface. Nonetheless, there are still ways to get the paint out of the carpet.

For you to be successful on this errand, you should identify first the type of paint you used. There are different removal options for each variety of paint. Specifically, one approach might not apply to a particular kind of material.

Here are some ways on how to remove the paint from your carpet.

How to Get Paint Out of the Carpet

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic is a water-based paint. Technically, it is water contains a high amount of acrylic resins. You can determine if your paint is an acrylic by looking to its label.

Clean-Up Process:

1. The first thing you should do is to contain the spill. In this way, you will prevent the material from spreading through your carpet. To do this, you have to put paper towels around the area of the spill. Also, use dry paper towels in blotting the paint. Remember, you only need to blot, not rub. You have to do this gently while taking as much paint as you can.

2. When blotting, you need to apply glycerin on your dry paper towels. This compound will allow you to blot the paint efficiently.

3. In cleaning the remaining residue, you will need an acetone. You could also use a nail polish remover. Apply these liquids to the paint residue. Afterwards, continue blotting it with paper towels.

4. Take an empty bucket and fill it with water and detergent. Stir the mixture thoroughly until it forms enough bubbles. Take a sponge and dip with the detergent mixture. You will need this to finish the cleaning of the carpet.

5. After washing, dry the area with a towel. Optionally, you can vacuum your carpet, too.

Latex Paint

Same as acrylics, latex paints are water-based. However, their main difference is that a latex paint has a vinyl mixture. In the market, latex paints are inexpensive as vinyl is much cheaper that a resin mix.

Clean Up Process:

1. You need paper towels to surround the area of the spill. This will prevent the paint from spreading further. Take dry paper towels and use it to blot the paint. Rubbing is not advisable, as it could spread the paint in the carpet.

2. In a container, mix a 240 ml of water with one teaspoon of neutral detergent. A neutral detergent is less acidic and is free from detergents and alkalis.

3. Dip your paper towel to this mixture so that you can blot the paint residue efficiently. Remember that you should blot as gently as possible.

4. Afterwards, use a sponge with clean water in blotting the area. You may repeat this process until such time you can remove all the stains.

Method Two (For wet latex paint)

1. Take an old towel and apply it to the paint puddle in your carpet.

2. Remove the sheet and sprinkle the residue with water. While sprinkling, use a vacuum to suck up the remaining paint. Just repeat the process until the presence of stain is lessened.

3. If there are still remaining paint on your carpet, spray a Spot Shot on it. Afterwards, take a brush to scrub the area thoroughly until such time it will foam. Repeat this process and use a liquid capable vacuum to suck up the water.

Water-Based Paints

Materials like emulsion, latex, eggshell, acrylic, and later are all water-based paints. When they spill on your carpet, you might need to do a vinegar cleaning.

Clean Up Process:

1. Take paper towels and apply to the area of the spill. Soak as much paint as possible by just dabbing. Once again, rubbing is not advisable.

2. Use a cleaning cloth and soak with distilled vinegar.

3. Try to remove the stain by the dabbing the cloth into the paint residue. Do not rub the cloth. Or else, you might unfurl the carpet. This will just spread the paint further.

4. If necessary, flip the cloth to an area where there is still no paint. Use this surface to take out the remaining paint residues.

5. Continue dabbing until there is no more paint on your carpet. You just have to be patient on this process to eradicate the stains successfully.

Dried-on Acrylic or Latex

Such type of material is harder to deal with, compared to other painting materials. When they get to your carpet, you will need strong cleaning agents. Such of this are the citrus-based solutions.

Clean Up Process:

1. Before using the agents, try removing the dried residues with the use paint scraper or razor blade. Any sharp object that can scrape the dried paint will do.

2. When you are satisfied, you can already apply the citrus-based dissolving agent or a WD-40 cleaner to the carpet. Use a clean rag to dab the area gently. Afterwards, let the mixture sit there for around 20 minutes.

3. You need to dab the stain again using the rag. This time, you will notice that the residues are starting to come off. You may need a tweezer to remove the stains effectively. Of course, you could try a razor or blade to take off as many residues as you can.

4. Clean the area of spill using the mixture of warm water and neutral detergent. Use a clean cloth to blot the stains.

5. In rinsing, you will need to have a water-soaked towel. Gently dab it on the area until such time it will dry. Moreover, you can repeat the overall process until you can get a satisfactory result.


To lessen the mess, you might need to use a paint sprayer that has an anti over-spraying feature. In this way, the amount of splash will be reduced. Of course, the best way to prevent the paint stains is to remove all the nearby home furnishings. Furthermore, being careful while painting can help a lot too!