Jack Richeson Lyptus Wood “Dulce” Easel Review

Jack Richeson Lyptus Wood "Dulce" Easel

Artist of all kind will need an easel at one point of their life. If you are wondering what brand to choose, try considering the Jack RichesonLyptus Wood Dulce Easel.

This easel can cater all your strict needs when it comes to painting. This type of art requires precision and accuracy. Or else, everything will be in a mess.

Have you tried painting with a platform that moves too much? Have you achieved your desired output? We bet you didn’t. And the fact that you are reading this review is the proof that you need an easel badly.

Good thing, the Jack RichesonLyptus Wood Dulce Easel is far from being a scam. It has a lot of features that can benefit many artists. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or an amateur, this easel can serve each of your peculiar needs.

Moreover, do not consider this brand as one of your ordinary easels. It has special ergonomics that lets you use in a very comfortable manner.

Aside from that, you will love the fact that this easel is not that expensive. Many thought that the Jack RichesonLyptus Wood Dulce Easel is quite expensive because of its professional look. However, that is not the case. Once you see the price and features of this product, you will realize how worthy it is an investment.

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Maximum canvas height capacity: 84 inches
Maximum extendable height: 58 inches to 95 inches
Depth of the base: 24 inches
Width of the base: 21 inches
Overall weight: 27.1 pounds
H-Frame Easel

Features of the Jack RichesonLyptus Wood Dulce Easel

Ideal for Large Canvases

Not all artists can be satisfied with small canvasses. Some would need to work on a big canvas to demonstrate their artistry. However, an artist would need to have different sizes of easels to accommodate their needs.

If you are hunting for an easel that can hold a large canvas, then go with the RichesonLyptus Wood Dulce Easel. Because of this feature, it allows the artist to stand or sit, depending on the position they are comfortable. Other than that, it also has a functional ergonomics that lets you adjust its angles and settings.

The reason why this easel can hold large canvases is because of its extension. This extension that you can find on the main frame gives additional rigidity and support to bigger canvases. Therefore, you can expect that this easel would not lose its balance and stability while you are painting on it.

Sturdy Construction

Nobody likes a brittle easel. They are very wiggly and not ideal for crafts that require precision. Luckily, the RichesonLyptus Wood Dulce Easel is not one of those. It is made from Lyptus, a premium hardwood that you can’t find just anywhere.

This tree is grown on specific plantations in South America. The growing of these trees went under series of scrutiny to ensure that they are environmental-friendly as well.

Specifically, the durability of the Lyptus is as the same as the maple hardwood. They have the same technical properties that make them ideal choices for wood crafts and furniture. Not only that, you should know that this hardwood is 45% denser than Mahogany. The Lyptus is also very uniform and possesses only a few knots.

With all these characteristics, you can expect that this easel will serve you longer than you expect. It has all the strength to support even the heaviest canvases.

Versatile Adjustment Settings

This easel uses a sliding mast, which can move independently from the painting tray. This feature provides its user with a variety of setting to work. You can extend the mast to its highest point so that you can accommodate big canvasses. Make sure that when you do this, you will also pull down the painting tray.

You can also pull down the mast if the room space is not enough. If you are working inside a studio that has a constricted vertical space, then this feature will come handy. Moreover, it has a slide and lock system to maintain its current height.

Since this product is an H-frame easel, you can expect that this tool can support its height. Thanks to its quad base, its stability is not something you should worry.

Why Should You Buy The Jack RichesonLyptus Wood Dulce Easel?

Your options for an easel are not limited to this product. We will be honest on that. However, you should know that this is among the few easels out there that can give you satisfaction.

You should take a look at its features. None of them was cheaply made. From its premium construction, we can easily deem that this easel is ideal for professional usage. But nonetheless, even the amateurs can use this product. Its settings are not hard to operate. In fact, you can master its use by just studying its manual.

Moreover, the Jack RichesonLyptus Wood Dulce Easel is truly sturdy. It is very stable and rigid for an easel. You can expect that this product will last long.

Finally, you should consider its price. For a professional-grade easel, this product is cheaply priced. If you are looking for art tools to invest, then you should always consider this one.

Pros and Cons

• Sturdy and durable construction
• Highly stable due to its H-frame design
• Height adjustment has lock settings
• Can fit big canvases
• Generously priced

• Not advisable for small studios or constricted spaces

What Are Customers Saying About It?
If you take a look at different online retailers, you can see that this product is doing great. It has a numerous positive feedback from its users.

Many users told that the Jack RichesonLyptus Wood Dulce Easel is truly sturdy. Moreover, they like the fact that this easel is already 90% assembled. Apparently, some easels require you to join them from the very beginning. If you are not good at this stuff, you will have a hard time figuring the parts. Moreover, there is a good chance that you can’t assemble the product at all.

Aside from these, users told that they were mesmerized by its furnishing. They say that its aesthetics is already ideal for home decorations. Other factors of this easel like its price and performance also received unanimous approval.


Overall, the Jack RichesonLyptus Wood Dulce Easel is a must-have art tool. As we mentioned, this easel is very durable and sturdy. It can provide stability even handling colossal canvases. Nonetheless, it has a lot of adjustment settings to give comfort to its users.

We highly recommend this product to professional and amateur artists alike. If you are exploring the world of art, then having this easel can give you a smooth experience.

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