How To Quickly Clean A Paint Brush

How to quickly clean a paint brush? Is it possible? Of course, it is!

When it comes to the basic tools of painting, nothing can just beat a paint brush. These small tools are the best when it comes to painting details and small surfaces. Even if paint sprayers can do this job, a paint brush can still offer all the precision you need.

Most of us have the tendency to leave our paint brush unattended after using. This causes the paint to dry up in the strands, which makes them hard to remove. As a result, the paint brush becomes useless and unusable.

Therefore, there is a must to clean the paint brush quickly. In this way, you can prevent the materials from sticking to it.

Luckily, there are several methods in cleaning this tool. However, we will remind you that none of these methods can turn back the original quality of your paint brush. Instead, these techniques will ensure that you can use your paint brushes again!

How To Quickly Clean A Paint Brush: First Method

What You Need:
• Recommended type of solvent
• Old rag or paper towel
• Bowl or bucket
• Disposable gloves

Possible solvents you can use:

• Water – For water-based paints
• Paint thinner – For oil-based paints
• Denatured alcohol – For shellacs
• Water – For water-based glues
• Mineral Spirits – For varnishes.

How To Clean:

1. Start by removing as many paint stains as you can by scrubbing it with the use of an old paper or rag. Doing this process eliminates the unnecessary residues which can be pesky once you apply the solvent.

2. Pour the solution into a bucket or a bowl. You could also use an old cup if you want to. Afterwards, submerge the tip of your paint brush into the solvent.

3. Once the paint brush is already in the solvent, start moving your brush. Moreover, you can make a repetitive swirling motion until such time the solvent is removed.

4. If the paint residues are gone already, take out the paint brush from the container. Rinse it in running water and rub it thoroughly until you can remove the solvent residues.

5. Wipe the paint brush thoroughly with the use of an old rag.

6. You may need to rearrange the bristles of your paint brush before letting it dry. This will ensure that it can return to its usable state.

How To Quickly Clean A Paint Brush: Second Method

What You Need:
• White vinegar
• Stove top
• Cooking pot

How To Clean:
1. Start by pouring the vinegar into the cooking pot.

2. Submerge all the paint brushes that need cleaning into the vinegar. Take note that you will need to put the entire body of the brush in the liquid if there are paint residues in is handle. Add more vinegar to ensure that all of your tools are well-covered.

3. Afterwards, you need to boil the vinegar together with your paint brushes. Let it simmer for 10 minutes. Of course, you need to cover the pot with lid. You don’t want your entire house to smell like vinegar, right?

4. If the simmering is done, take out the pot and let the vinegar cool down for a couple of minutes.

5. Once it is already tolerable, take out the paint brushes from the vinegar.

6. Use your fingers to manually rub the bristles of your brushes. Boiling the tools in the vinegar is not a guarantee that all the paint residues can be expelled. However, by combing the bristles, you can slowly take away these stains.

8. If there are no more paint, you can already rinse the brush in running water. After washing, start reshaping the bristles so that you can use them in good condition next time!

How To Quickly Clean A Paint Brush: Third Method

What You Need:
• Fabric softener
• Warm water
• Old rag or paper towel
• Bucket or bowl

How To Clean:
1. Stat by removing as much paint residues as you can by the use of a paper towel or an old rag. This process will allow you to clean the paint brush easier with the fabric softener.

2. Take your bowl and pour 1/8 cup of fabric softener and warm water on it. Make sure to stir the mixture properly.

3. Afterwards, submerged your paint brush in the mixture. You can immediately notice that the paint will come off by themselves. To make it more efficient, you should swirl your paint brush too!

4. Once it is already clean, you can already rinse it with clean water. Before it dries, you will need to arrange the bristles of your paint brush. You need to preserve its quality for your next use!


A paintbrush is a tool for everyone. It is not only for painting some items and structures of your home. It is also used by your children in their creative crafts and art projects. Therefore, there is a need for you to take care of it properly! You don’t want to spend too much on buying new paint brushes, right?