4 of the Best Paint Sprayer Brands

Wagner Spray TechWhat are the best paint sprayer brands? Can they really make the cut? Many of readers have been fervent when asking these questions. Of course, we have no right to deny them. That’s why we prepared this little review article.

When it comes to paint sprayers, there are a lot of brands that you can choose. Of course, your preference does count. However, the best paint sprayer brands will always remain absolute up today. That is if there are no brands that would release a more powerful of paint sprayer than what we have today.

Before 2016 ends, you should know these following brands of paint sprayers. All of these brands that we have selected have individual qualities that made them reach the top. Of course, it would be vain if one of these brands just reached the pinnacle just because of superfluous or dubious reviews.

All of the brands that are under this paint sprayer brands undergo to our scrutiny. We checked most of their parts and deemed which of them can make the cut. Of course, we tried our best to remove our bias upon the selection. We remove our preferences and just focus on the qualities of each brand. By the end, we figured out the best paint sprayer brands based on their ergonomics and usability.

If you are quite curious about what are the best sprayer brands that are topping the list, then you should read this review. We got all the leading brands of paint sprayers and inspected the factors that made them tick! If you are new to this type of product, you should pay attention to this article! These brands will be among the top choices when it comes to painting sprayers!

Best Paint Sprayer Brands


Graco has been in the industry for more than 20 years already. When it comes to paint sprayers and other related products, this brand is among the top of the line.

Most of the paint sprayers that are within this brand are ideal for professional use. That’s right. Graco has been continuously making paint sprayers for industrial purposes. However, we can never discard that they are also perfect for home applications. After all, some of their products have a compact design. This type of system is perfect for small-scale projects and fine finishes

Moreover, Graco is a leading brand when it comes to HPLv and paint sprayers. Throughout their existence in the industry, most of their products have been innovated. The motors they used have innovative design. This allow their paint sprayers to have more more atomizing power than ordinary paint sprayer brands.

Aside from that, most of the Graco paint sprayers are sturdy. They are durable but compact in nature. This means that these brands uphold portability, even in the advent of new technology and designs.

Wagner Spray Tech

The Wagner Spray Tech Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of paint sprayers and other related products. This company has been continuously developing a myriad of paint applicators.

Accordingly, their brand is dedicated to home improvements, industrial finishes, and commercial painting. Most of their products have the design to make the painting job a lot easier. From the preparation of the surface down to the application of paint, the Wagner Company has a tool for them.

Moreover, you can expect that this brand has a paint sprayer for every home application. In fact, they have 16 varieties of paint sprayers that are in the market today. Some of them are the Flexio 990 and the Flexio 590 paint sprayers. Specifically, the Flexio 590 is ideal for house exterior and large fence/ deck applications. On the other hand, their MotoCoat Complete Auto Paint Sprayer is good in dealing automobiles.

If you are into small-scale applications, you could choose the Wagner’s Flexio 690 and Flexio 890 paint sprayers. You can guarantee that their finishes are at par with professional qualities.


Earlex might not be the popular type. However, it is one of the best paint sprayer brands that you can try.

If you are a serious woodworker, you will definitely consider this brand line. Most of the products of the Earlex have the design to create quality finishes to wood surfaces. It doesn’t matter if you are just the ordinary DIY person or an industry expert. This paint sprayer has all the features you need to make a quality craftsmanship.

Most of the paint sprayers of the Earlex are designed for outdoor applications. This means that each of their products is compact and lightweight. We will never question the quality and features of their paint sprayers. They have been in the industry for the past two decades. And the mere fact that they are still here means the people trust them!

One of the most formidable qualities of Earlex paint sprayers is their versatility. Aside from paint, their tools can handle several materials and coatings. Moreover, they applied an advanced interchanging mechanism. This system allows you to switch materials as quickly as possible! Furthermore, you can expect that each of their sprayers can give you adequate precision and control. This is especially true when you are painting a delicate surface!

As of now, there are three paint sprayers that Earlex is sporting. These are the Spray Station HV5500, Spray Station HV2901, and the Steam Generator SS77. If we are to recommend you, you should try the HV5500. It is an HVLP sprayer that can produce excellent finishes. It doesn’t matter if it is a large or small painting project. This tool can do them both efficiently!


You will never know that the brand Fuji is one of the distributors of the best paint sprayers in the market. Most of their products are truly unique and useful for DIY applications.

Specifically, the paint sprayers of the Fuji brand are divided into three systems. Specifically, they are the DIY series, the Mini-Mite Platinum Series, and the Q-Platinum Series. Under each system are several units of different paint sprayers. Each of them can handle distinct painting applications.

For starters, you can try the Semi-PRO 2™ System of Fuji. This paint sprayer won’t require you to be an expert in the industry to create quality finishes. Moreover, this unit can handle different kinds of materials and coatings. Whether it is exterior or interior finishes, this specific paint sprayer can do the job!


In fact, there are a lot of paint sprayers that you can find on the market today. Most of them promise you quality output and convenience in use. However, only a few of them actually works.

Therefore, choosing a product under the brands we have mentioned will guarantee your satisfaction. Each of these brands has been in the industry for decades already. Thus, you can assume that their products are beyond quality and standards.

Moreover, we also inspected some of the paint sprayers under these brands. The result? A satisfactory and convincing performance! This is the reason we consider that these names are the best paint sprayer brands in the market today. Any new lines will have to pass through them before they can reach the top of the best paint sprayers!