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How To Use A Paint Roller Like A Pro

paint roller

If you do not have a paint sprayer, you will need to have to resort to a roller. This tool is essential if you are actually dealing with large walls and vast exteriors. Therefore, you should learn how to use a paint roller properly. Even if paint sprayers are automated, nobody can just simply eradicate […]

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How To Quickly Clean A Paint Brush


How to quickly clean a paint brush? Is it possible? Of course, it is! When it comes to the basic tools of painting, nothing can just beat a paint brush. These small tools are the best when it comes to painting details and small surfaces. Even if paint sprayers can do this job, a paint […]

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How to Get Paint Out of the Carpet

carpet stain

Painting on your interiors can be messy. The paint or materials you used can splash anywhere, regardless of how careful you are. If you have a carpet flooring, that could be a problem. Paints can be quite sticky to this type of surface. Nonetheless, there are still ways to get the paint out of the […]

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Paint Sprayers vs. Rollers: Which is the Best?

Paint sprayers may seem to be advantageous compared to the conventional rollers and brushes. With their modern ergonomics, using them could make your job fast and comfortable. This tool will even allow you to handle large scale projects by yourself! However, there are still areas in which paint rollers are better than paint sprayers. Of […]

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How To Use Wall Stencils For Painting

wall stencil

If you want to upgrade your creativity to the next level, you should know how to use wall stencils for painting. Wall stencils are a great addition to your exteriors due to their exquisite and graphic designs. Having them in your wall will enhance your home’s aesthetics and appeal! Moreover, putting a stencil require less […]

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How To Paint Wooden Panels

wooden wall

Many homeowners have asked us how to paint wooden panels. This question is pretty common. However, only a few tried to answer. Apparently, there is a dire need to respond to this, as most of our homes today have wood paneling in their interiors Of course, you just can’t leave your wooden panel bare. First, […]

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How To Paint Metal: Step-By-Step

bicycle parts

If you have unused metal surfaces in your home, refurbishing them is easy. Once you know how to paint metal, you can do such projects easily. Moreover, you can accomplish this task even you are alone! Metal objects do not require you to retain their original color. This enhances your flexibility to play with different […]

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How To Paint A Car

Car owners can actually paint their own vehicles. As long as you have a good paint sprayer and proper knowledge, you can do it professionally. Moreover, a DIY car paint job will enable to save thousands of bucks. We all know how expensive a car painting service is if you will let the auto shops […]

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How To Get Paint Out Of Clothes

Knowing how to get paint out of clothes is a necessary housekeeping skill. Once in a while, we deal with paint and other coating materials, which are all nasty once they can get to our stuff. Aside from our home furnishings, paints can be pesky to remove in our clothes. Some paints may require some […]

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How To Clean A Paint Sprayer

paint sprayer

Many amateurs have asked us how to clean a paint sprayer properly. Of course, do not take it is an embarrassment. After all, everybody has a first time. If you just bought your first paint sprayer, then there is a must to know how it functions. Aside from that, you should know how to maintain […]

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