How To Clean A Paint Sprayer

Many amateurs have asked us how to clean a paint sprayer properly. Of course, do not take it is an embarrassment. After all, everybody has a first time. If you just bought your first paint sprayer, then there is a must to know how it functions. Aside from that, you should know how to maintain so that you can lengthen its lifespan.

Specifically, cleaning a paint sprayer is one of the regular maintenance that you should do. This tool gets messy after an extensive painting project. Regardless if it a small scale or large scale job, a paint sprayer needs a quick cleaning.

Moreover, we know that most of you are more concerned the mess of applying paint. Of course, nobody wants an untidy house! We get it. We want you to clean the areas. However, you should not forget your paint sprayer too. Remember, this tool needs to be taken care of.

How To Clean A Paint Sprayer: Process

What you need:
• Scissors
• Paint thinners
• Rags
• Gloves
• Old paint brush
• Empty buckets

Preparing the Paint Sprayer

Once you are done painting, it is time to give attention to the paint sprayer itself. The first thing you need to do is to prepare this tool. If you used a latex-based paint, you should fill a bucket with water. If you used an oil-based paint, then you should fill the bucket with a paint thinner.

Afterwards, detach the hose from the paint sprayer and put it on the bucket you filled.

Aside from that, you should also take a paint brush and trim it to one inch.

Moreover, you have to wear gloves before you start cleaning. It will prevent the paint from sticking to your hands. Also, don’t forget to organize all of your tools before you start cleaning.

Emptying the Paint

If the canister of your paint sprayer has remaining paint o it, then you can still save that. Use the sprayer to shoot the leftover paint into a container. Of course, you should be careful not to excrete any paint thinner together in the can.

To make this process easier, take an empty bucket and spray the remaining liquid there. In this way, you can get a clear spray.

Scrubbing And Disassembly

You need to disassemble your paint sprayer so that you can clean all of its parts thoroughly. In this process, you will need to fill a bucket with two cups of paint thinner. All of the removed parts will be soaked in this bucket, so make sure that you will fill it adequately.

While the parts are still soaking, apply a paint thinner to rag. Use this cloth to brush the frame of your paint sprayer. In this way, you can effectively remove all the sticky residues in there.

Meanwhile, take the old paintbrush that you trimmed earlier. You should use this to scrub all the paint that stuck on the parts of paint sprayer you soaked in the bucket. Doing this can effectively remove any paint residues. Of course, you should be thorough while doing this. Apply a little force if necessary.

Final Part

Now that your paint thinner is clean, it is time to wipe it with water as the finishing touches. Moreover, do not throw the thinner that you used. It can still serve you for future cleanings. What you should do right now it to filter the used paint thinner on its container. Specifically, you can do it by straining the remaining residues through a clean rag.


As a reminder, you should put your paint sprayer in a secure compartment. It should be spacious enough so that this tool can sit comfortably. Furthermore, put it on a place in where your children can’t reach it. This is part of the regular maintenance process to preserve the quality of this tool.