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Dripless Inc. ETS2000 Review

Last Updated on January 2, 2020

ETS2000 Ergo Composite Caulking Gun

Caulking is a job that can be done by anyone. As long as you got the right tools, nothing can be so hard about it. If we are talking about home applications, then the Dripless ETS2000 Ergo Composite Caulking Gun is the right one for you.

The ETS2000 Ergo Composite is one of the prized products of Dripless Inc. Dripless is a company that specializes in the manufacturing caulking gun. They have been in the industry since 1980 and have already produced 20 models of caulking guns. Therefore, you can trust that each of their tools can keep up with your work.

Specifically, the ETS2000 Ergo Composite caulking gun is one of the best opuses of Dripless. It has a unique design that is ideal for both and professional usage. Moreover, you love its set of features that comes useful improves your speed and efficiency of caulking.

Some may think that conventional caulking guns can do. However, their functionality is far different from tools like ETS2000. You can use them, but don’t expect that it would be smooth and comfortable. You will certainly experience sores in your fingers and aches in your muscles.

Furthermore, the quality of your caulking may not be good enough to seal the cracks. There is a good chance that the seams will appear again. And that is not cost efficient. Hence, you should choose professional-grade tools to avoid unwanted things like these from happening.

Specifically, you should try the ETS2000 Ergo Composite Caulking Gun. This tool is definitely worth the shot!

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12:1 Thrust Ratio
Revolving Frame
Has a Spout Cutter
Has a Ladder Hook
Lightweight Construction (1.1 Pounds)
3 inches x 7.5 inches x 16.5 inches overall dimension
10-ounce cartridge

Features of ETS2000 Ergo Composite Caulking Gun

Lightweight Construction

Most of the professional-grade caulking guns today are heavy. With all those steel frame constructions, you can expect that carrying them is really a burden. If you are dealing with a serious amount of cracks and seams, a heavy caulking gun is nothing but trouble.

The ETS2000 Ergo Composite Caulking Gun is definitely not one of those. We are still curious how they did it, but this caulking gun only weighs 1.1 pounds! It is 40% lighter than any caulking guns on the market today. With this feature alone, you can do more than what you expect. You can also guarantee that even in long-term use, you will not be burdened by this tool!

Dripless Technology

The ETS2000 would not be a product of Dripless Inc. if the caulk can drip on it. There is no way Dripless would allow that.

A dripless caulking gun like ETS2000 uses a spring-loaded plunger mechanism to stop the dripping. This system effectively eases the pressure on the plunger the moment you stop pressing the trigger. Specifically, it prevents the “trigger creep” from driving the bead continuously.

Moreover, the ETS2000 Ergo Composite will also let you pull back the plunger against the spring so that you can be assured that there will be no dripping that will happen.

However, this feature will somehow slow down your pace because it acts as a manual restriction. Most users of this tool agreed on this aspect. But it doesn’t mean that your speed will totally freeze. You can learn how to adjust with the pacing.

If you want speed and precision, you can turn off this anti-drip feature. Just be careful that you will minimize the waste. After all, caulking materials are not that cheap either.

Revolving Frame for Dealing Corners

One of the peskiest thing about caulking is dealing with corners. Yes, big crack is a problem, but those tiny seams in the corners are the most annoying to treat. If your caulking gun has no particular design to terminate these crevices, then you will have a time.

This is where the ETS2000 Ergo Composite comes into play. It has a revolving frame that enables the cartridge to rotate in corners. This spinning motion allows the preservation of the bead orientation, which is necessary for caulking corners. Therefore, there is no need for you to adjust different awkward positions in dealing with these situations. This tool can cover such hassle for you!

High Thrust Ratio

Nothing good will come out if your caulking gun has just a 5:1 thrust ratio. It means that shooting viscous caulking materials such as acrylic and silicone will be troublesome. The thrust ratio defines the “shooting” pressure a caulking gun has. The higher the thrust ratio, the easier for you to release the caulk.

Specifically, tools like ETS2000 Ergo Composite are so convenient to use because of this factor. There is no need any more for you to press hard the trigger. A gentle press on the trigger can excrete even the stickiest material. This factor makes the ETS2000 Ergo Composite caulking gun a favorite of most industries in North America.

Why Should I Buy The ETS2000 Ergo Composite Caulking Gun

Having a caulking gun is an option. However, you should treat this product as a tool of necessity. You will never know when a crack will surface. There is no way you can anticipate such occurrences from happening.

Your home and properties are not built to last. They quality will degrade as time passes by. However, you can extend their lifespan when you do regular maintenance. Tools like a caulking gun are necessary for these instances.

Moreover, a caulking gun will keep you from unwanted expenses. Caulking is a DIY task. You don’t need to be a professional to learn it. A little practice can let you get used to it. If you know how to caulk by yourself, then hiring services from the industry is not necessary anymore.

Pros and Cons

• Lightweight construction
• Anti-dripping pressure (You can switch it on and off)
• 12:1 Thrust Ratio that enhances convenience of use
• Revolving frame for dealing tight corners
• Presence of additional ergonomics such as spout cutter and ladder hook
• Easy to clean

• The anti-dripping feature somehow slows down your work

What Users Say About It?

The ETS2000 Ergo Composite caulking gun is available in many hardware stores. If you scout to some online retailers, you can see this product has a good standing among its users.

One user said that this it the best caulking gun. This is because the spring mechanism of this tool is so smooth that you don’t need to exert too much effort anymore.

Other users state that its lightweight construction is really beneficial. They emphasize that this feature enables them to work on extended hours without feeling strains on their arms.

Moreover, people say that its ergonomics are already adequate for professional applications.


Overall, the ETS2000 Ergo Composite caulking gun is definitely a tool that you should consider. Among all the caulking guns, it is the lightest. Although it is not the best when it comes to thrust ratio, you can still expect that its operation is truly smooth.

Moreover, you will not regret anything if you buy this product. It is cheaply priced despite its spectrum of qualities. But even for that, you can still guarantee that it has a rigid and compact construction.