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Newborn 250 Review

Last Updated on January 2, 2020

Newborn 250 Super Smooth Rod Revolving Frame Caulking Gun

In the search for the best caulking guns, the Newborn 250 Super Smooth Rod Revolving Frame Caulking Gun is among of the top list.

This tool has all the accuracy you need to a caulking gun. It can efficiently deal huge cracks down to the smallest crevices in the corners of your home. Moreover, it got loads of features that can make the job a lot easier.

To be honest, caulking can be straightforward and tricky at the same time. It could be arduous also, especially if we are talking about huge numbers of crevices. However, if you got a caulking gun, then you can cope up with these factors.

In choosing a caulking gun, we always recommend those that are in the professional-grade category. Such of this is the Newborn 250 Caulking Gun.

Yes, it is true that the basic caulking guns are cheap. However, you should know that they are hard to use. This is because they don’t possess designs and ergonomics that improve their usage. They are just using a traditional style in where in you have to depress the plunger and trigger and the same time. Such process is very strenuous to the arms!

Good thing, the likes of Newborn 250 Caulking surface on the market. They can turn a technical task like caulking into a simple housing chore! To know more about this product, you should read our Newborn 250 Caulking Gun review!

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Steel revolving frame
1/10 gallon cartridge capacity
Smooth pressure rod
Corrosion-resistant alloy handles and trigger
18:1 Thrust Ratio
Have a Ladder Hook
1.8 pounds overall weight
2 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches overall dimension

Features of Newborn 250 Caulking Gun

Powerful Thrust Ratio

Among all the caulking guns we have seen, the Newborn 250 has the most powerful thrust ratio. An 18:1 thrust ratio is no joke. Aside from latex and acrylic, it could handle materials like asphalt and cement! If you want a professional-grade caulking gun that can shoot the stickiest caulking material, then choose the Newborn 250!

When dealing with cracks, conventional caulking materials may not be sufficient anymore. This is very applicable on industrial applications. However, you could encounter this on your day-to-day repairs. Ordinary caulking guns can’t handle cement because of their reduced thrust ratio.

Therefore, the Newborn 250 can fully maximize the myriad of caulking materials that you can use!

Efficient in Sealing Corner Cracks

The rotating steel frame of the Newborn 250 enables you to seal cracks that are in the awkward spots of your property. Crevices that are found in the corners and tight areas are hard to cover. Even the professionals in the industry will agree on this. Moreover, if you don’t have the right tool, then just forget about these cracks. You will just waste caulking materials.

This is the reason why service professionals use the Newborn 250. Aside from its powerful thrust ratio, it has an innovative design that improves its application. Specifically, it has a revolving frame that maintains its bead orientation. In this way, you can seal those cracks without exerting too much effort and waste!

Specifically Made For Caulking

The Newborn 250 caulking gun can function better than a standard ratchet-style pressure rod. It has a pressure rod that only requires minimal force to operate.

Moreover, its trigger and handle are corrosion resistant. We all know that there are elements that can ruin of integrity of our tools. For example, Low-quality equipment that is exposed to water and air can easily rust. A caulking gun is no exemption. If you are working on a construction site, you know that this issue is true. Therefore, having a caulking gun that can resist these elements is necessary.

Aside from that, this tool comes with a seal puncture tool and a spout cutter so that you can open the cartridge without the use of a knife.

Why Should I Buy The Newborn 250 Caulking Gun

Smart people know that tools like caulking gun are an investment. They know that these tools can save them a hefty amount of money. Moreover, a caulking gun will let you practice your craftsmanship and ingenuity in fixing your property.

We don’t know what are your current social standing in life. However, we are aware that not all problems that you have will require the help of professionals. Hiring industry experts for minimal repairs is pretty unwise already these days. Remember, our economy is not really doing great. Therefore, do yourself a favor a buy a tool that you can use all the time–for free!

The Newborn 250 is one of our highly recommended tools for caulking applications. It has a professional-grade design and sturdy construction. This means that it can handle a variety of materials efficiently in different situations.

Pros and Cons

• Powerful thrust ratio
• Standard cartridge capacity
• Presence of functional features such as a spout cutter
• Revolving steel frame
• Compact and sturdy construction
• Corrosion and rust proof

• The Newborn 250 does not possess anti-dripping feature

What Users Say About It?

We all know that when it comes to tools, people have a varying opinion. However, when it comes to Newborn 250, it seems that many are giving their unanimous approval.

If you take a look at Newborn 250 caulking gun, you can see that this product is not failing its users. One user said that it is the only caulking gun he will ever use. Another individual commented that this caulking gun generates enough leverage to excrete stickier caulks.

On the other hand, a few people find this product lacking because it doesn’t have a dripless feature. But overall, the application and convenience of this tool are truly commendable.


Choosing the Newborn 250 caulking gun is a good move. With a price that doesn’t tear your pocket, this tool can do more than you expect. Its ergonomics lets you use it conveniently. Moreover, it possesses the necessary features that you want from a caulking gun.

Aside from that, you don’t need to be an expert to use this tool. Just practice the right moderation and control, and you can use the Newborn 250 correctly.