How Does A Paint Sprayer Work?

If you want to learn how to paint properly, then you should know how does a paint sprayer work. This knowledge is essential so that you can figure out the critical components of this tool. By, you will have the ability to configure this device, in a way that can benefit you.

A paint sprayer is ideal for DIY purposes. It is suitable for home applications and small to medium scale painting projects. The way it functions give you independence from traditional rollers and brushes. Moreover, if you can discover how a paint sprayer works, you can truly appreciate this machine!

It doesn’t require you to become a professional to know the ins and outs of a paint sprayer. In fact, you will realize that this tool has a pretty straightforward construction!

How Does A Paint Sprayer Work: Parts by Parts

Canister/ Cup

Some of the paint sprayers you can see in the market today have a removable canister. You can fill it with your material from the top. This type of design is susceptible to spills and dripping.

Choose a brand of paint sprayer that has a canister that you can fill to the sides. Specifically, this design enables you to refill the cup quickly. Moreover, it is easy to clean, too!

Flow Knob

The flow of a paint sprayer is the one the controls the amount of material (or paint) being excreted. If you want a higher output, then you should set the gauge to a higher number, too!

Furthermore, the flow know is also responsible for kick-starting the solenoid motor of the paint sprayer into motion.

The Motor

The motor or the turbine is the heart of every modern paint sprayers. If your motor has a portable and compact design, having a powerful motor is necessary. You will also need a paint sprayer that has a high-rating motor if you are always doing large scale painting projects.

Technically, the motor is the one that drives the piston of the sprayer into a pulsing motion. The intense pulses are creating a suction force that takes out the paint from the canister through the draw tube.

The strongest paint sprayers today can do 7,200 pulses or more in a single operation!

The Valve

Before the paint or material is sprayed, it passes through the system’s atomizer valve. This part of the paint sprayer is the one responsible for breaking down the paint into tiny particles.

This function is essential so that you can produce finer and professional-like finishes. You will no longer encounter these unwanted blobs and air bubbles that you usually see when using rollers.

Specifically, the valve is moving in a fast spinning pattern in breaking the paint. This enables the from to be fine and less susceptible to waste.

The Spray Tip

This part of the paint sprayer is where all the paint comes out. Some of the best paint sprayers out there will let you control the pattern of the spray. Specifically, it is a special ergonomic that lets you chooses between round, vertical, and horizontal spray pattern.

Moreover, other brands of paint sprayers will let you adjust the width of the spray. Usually, it ranges from 1 inch to 12 inches scattering diameter!


Now that you know how does a paint sprayer work, choosing the best one will be less troubling for you. Any paint sprayer that doesn’t have any of these parts will be discarded to your choosing list.

Aside from that, you will be able to scrutinize most of the paint sprayers in the market today. You will be able to distinguish which one has an innovative design. Also, you will be able to identify those sprayers that have low-quality parts. By this, you will be saving yourself from future trouble and waste of money!