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How To Paint Wooden Panels

Last Updated on January 2, 2020

Many homeowners have asked us how to paint wooden panels. This question is pretty common. However, only a few tried to answer. Apparently, there is a dire need to respond to this, as most of our homes today have wood paneling in their interiors

Of course, you just can’t leave your wooden panel bare. First, it becomes susceptible to infestations of pests. Second, it will become dull and unattractive to the eyes. If you care for the overall welfare of your home, you will need to refurbish every part of it. This may consume your time and energy. However, the final outputs will always leave us satisfied.

Painting a wooden panel is pretty straightforward. The process could be a lot easier if you have a paint sprayer that has an extensive spraying coverage. This tool will enable you to spray fine and elegant finishes while minimizing over-sprays and waste.

Follow these steps we will about to give you! If you do so, you can guarantee that you can give your wood panels a brand-new look!

How To Paint Wooden Panels

A Piece of Reminder

If your wood panel is made of veneer, there are two extra options that you can take. First, you can really start fresh and just tear out the entire panel. Second, you can also hide it behind a drywall. However, doing these can be both expensive. Your spouse or kids might question this decision, as doing any of those can incur unwanted expenditures.

You can only consider these options if your wooden panel is of poor condition already. If that’s not the case, then you should just resort in repainting the structure. This approach is pretty reasonable and economical to do.


The first thing you should do is to prepare your wooden panels. You have to apply varnish or wax to remove those unwanted knots. Moreover, you will need to sand the surface if your panels are solid and not veneer.

Once you are done with these steps, make sure you wipe the entire paneling. You should use a damp cloth to remove the residues and foreign objects. Let the panel dry before you start painting.

Painting the Wooden Panel

As we mentioned earlier, wooden panels are pretty easy to paint. It doesn’t matter if your wooden panels are solid or veneer. Painting these surfaces won’t be quirky at all. Specifically, the process is just the same as painting wooden home furnishings. If you are already with this, then you could start painting without finishing this article.

1. You should start by washing your wooden panels with the mixture of a TSP solution and water. Use a clean cloth and soak it in the mixture. Rub the surfaces gently, removing all the dirt and foreign debris.

2. You will also need to do the process called scuffing. Scuffing or the gentle sanding of wooden surfaces is essential if you want to create a bond between the panel and the primer.

To be honest, today’s primer works so well when it comes to sticking to surfaces. However, we still recommend for you to do scuffing. It will guarantee you that your wooden panel won’t be susceptible to chipping paint. Moreover, this process just takes around 20 minutes, so it is not really a bother.

After scuffing, take a damp cloth and clean the mess.

3. This time, you should be able to apply the coat primer of your choice. There are a lot of primers that you can opt. However, you need to consider the type of wooden panels that you have. If it is solid, you should opt for a water-based primer. If it is a veneer, then you should use a shellac-based primer.

After applying the primer, let it dry for a while. Depending on the brand of your coat, the drying time could take around 20 minutes to 1 hour.

4. When you are done priming the wooden panels, you can start painting already. Approximately, it will take you around two to three layers of the coat before you can achieve your desired output.

Also, do not forget to sand the wooden panels in between coats. This will remove any foreign objects that were trapped when the paint is still wet. You may need a paintbrush in this job as you there are some tight areas that you need to reach. Of course, paint brushes are essential from dabbing away those dripping paints.


Knowing how to paint wooden panels is a useful skill any homeowners should acquire. This knowledge will enable them to customize their panels whenever they want! Moreover, it gives them the freedom to choose from different painting materials.

Of course, this DIY skill enables them to save money, which is inevitable when their hire professional services.