How To Use Wall Stencils For Painting

If you want to upgrade your creativity to the next level, you should know how to use wall stencils for painting. Wall stencils are a great addition to your exteriors due to their exquisite and graphic designs. Having them in your wall will enhance your home’s aesthetics and appeal!

Moreover, putting a stencil require less hassle. It doesn’t force you to remove any existing wallpapers that you have. Therefore, it can be a cut to the cost.

With all of these perks, many homeowners are getting interested in painting stencils on their walls. If you are one of those, then you are just in the right place! We will be revealing you the simple DIY-tricks on using wall stencils for painting!

How To Use Wall Stencils For Painting

What You Need:
• Different varieties of stencils (your choice)
• Stencil brushes
• Paint
• A bucket of paint
• Paper towels
• Painters tape
• Pencil
• Level
• Q-tips
• Spray adhesive

The Process:

1. Start by cleaning your wall. You may need to do some major scrubbing and sanding, if necessary. After this, you need to wipe with a damp cloth. You will need to wait for the wall to dry before you can proceed.

2. You can already apply one to two layers of paint coating. Preferably, choose a white color paint. Let it dry before going to the next phase.

3. This time, you will need to map the stencil on your walls. There are two available options that you can take for this process. The first one is by starting on the middle of the wall. The second one is beginning at the top-left edge of the surface.

4. Before you start mapping your pencil, you must spray adhesive to the walls first. Doing this will enable you to reposition your stencils easily. Furthermore, you can reapply the adhesive if necessary.

Once you are done, you can already put your stencil on the wall. Use your level to make sure that the alignment is correct.

5. Afterwards, you will need to mark the stencil on the wall. In this process, you will need the help of registration marks. Moreover, instead of marking directly on the wall, you can place small strips of painter tape. This is where you pencil the marks so that you won’t do any erasing once the project is finished.

6. When you are done mapping, you can start “stenciling.” Pour paint on a folded paper towel. After, take your stencil brush and damp it to the paint. By the use of tapping motion, you can start filling the stencil with paint. Try to do multiple passes to ensure sufficient coverage.

Remember not to use too much paint on your brush. This could lead to some paint to sneak behind your stencil. Approximately, you will need to reload for at least four times to complete an area.

7. While removing the stencil, you will need to position it upwards so that you can eradicate any paint residues that are stuck underneath. Moreover, use this leverage to clean your working area with paper towels or wet Q-tips.

8. Reposition to the stencil on the next area in where the design pattern will continue. Do the same process until you can cover all the target areas. Afterwards, let the paint dry for a day!


Knowing how to use wall stencils for painting can enhance the appeal of your home. It can create a welcoming feeling for your guest and a relaxing atmosphere for your family. Moreover, doing this can be enjoyable too! You can now re-design the interiors of your home without spending too much! This in conjunction with paint sprayers reallly makes for a solid painting job!