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Wagner 0529010 Review

Last Updated on January 2, 2020

Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590 Indoor/Outdoor Hand-held Sprayer Kit

Every painting job requires precision in handling. Or else, you will see a lot of uneven results. Of course, there are a lot of paint sprayers that can do this. However, one that you should try is the Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590 Indoor/Outdoor Hand-held Sprayer Kit. This is one of the best paint sprayers that you can use in any DIY painting projects.

Not all the time we will rely on professional services to do our painting errands. If it is just a small-scale project, you can actually do it on your own. After all, painting home furnishings and other properties are can be done by one person.

Moreover, a DIY will allow you to save more time and money. Specifically, painting is not as arduous as house repairs and structure refurbishments. Therefore, there is no need for you to have the technical expertise to conduct this. A little practice will give you desirable results.

Of course, you will need a paint sprayer that accompanies you in this errand. It should have the right ergonomics to make any painting jobs easy and comfortable. As long as you have the best sprayer on your hand, you can do any DIY painting projects in one go!

And for that, you should try the Flexio 590 paint sprayer! Discover what this product can offer you by reading this review!

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Overall Dimensions: 15.9 inches x 6.7 inches x 13.9 inches
Overall Product Weight: 9.1 Pounds
Cup Capacity: 1.5 Quart
Detail Finish Nozzle
iSpray Nozzle
X-Boost Power Dial
X-Boost Power Turbine
2 Filters Present
2-Stage Trigger
Adjustment Ring

Features Of Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590 Indoor/Outdoor Hand-held Sprayer Kit

Versatile and Powerful

One of the most versatile paint sprayers in the market right now is the Flexio 590. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor painting projects. This tool comes with two nozzles: the iSpray nozzle and Detail Finish nozzle. You can use the iSpray nozzle if you are doing large scale projects. On the other hand, the detail finish is for home furnishings and other small painting applications.

These two features are unique to Flexio 590. Among all of the hand-held paint sprayers, this is the only one that possesses to nozzles. Moreover, the use of these nozzles became possible, thanks to its X-Boost turbine. It can produce enough power to operate the entire paint sprayer! Aside from, this turbine also enables you to control the flow and pressure of the paint. This feature allows broad painting coverage. At the same time, it prevents over-spraying.

Among all paint sprayers, the Flexio 590 can give you smooth operation. In fact, it is 50% quieter and 20% lighter than conventional hand-held sprayers!

Time Saver

Each spray of this tool can generate roller-like and slightly stippled finish. This is the reason why this paint sprayer is ideal for home furnishings and interiors. If you do some basic masking, you can spray the corners and edges of your home at much faster rate.

Moreover, this paint sprayer uses the innovative iSpray technology. This setup produces up to 60% more airflow to this system. In this way, you can guarantee that the Flexio 590 will give you smooth and professional looking finishes, regardless of the coating you used.

Each hour, you can spray up to 8 gallons of paint if you use the Flexio 590. Aside from that, it can handle exterior latex paints, stains, sealers, oil-based materials, and urethane. Just use the X-Boost Power Dial to gain precise control to any coating materials!

Specifically, its 1.5 Quart Cup can spray 125 square feet in just one go!

Modern Design and Functions

The Flexio 590 comes with nine different speed settings. This allows you to have total control on the amount of material you are spraying.

Aside from that, this paint sprayer also has a compact and rigid storage case. After using this tool, you can conveniently put it into its storage to prevent any damages.

Its two-nozzle system and cups enhance its flexibility. Moreover, it has a Lock-N-Go split gun that enables to quickly the nozzle. This feature allows you to switch colors and coatings easily!

You can use its pattern adjustment ring to switch between vertical and horizontal spray motions. On the other, its spray width lever if for just adjusting between narrow and wide spray patterns.

Why Should You Buy The Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590 Indoor/Outdoor Hand-held Sprayer Kit?

There are a lot of perks that you can get if you will invest on Flexio 590. First, you will benefit from its portability. Not all hand-held sprayers are lightweight. Some of them are heavy and have a bulky construction. You can already feel annoyance by just holding them. But if you use the Flexio 590, none of that will be your problem.

Moreover, this paint sprayer includes a lot of useful features. Even if you are not an expert, you can still expect that you can produce excellent and professional finishes. It can give you versatility on your work without experiencing any hassle and stress.

Having this tool in your home is advantageous in your part. It will give you the flexibility to do any painting projects whenever you want. You will no longer need to call the help of professionals. As long that it is within your capacity, you can do it all alone! Besides, you can have the other members of your family to help you. Thus, it can create a potential family bonding time!

Of course, you should not forget that you can save a lot if you the Flexio 590 paint sprayer. Since you will not be hiring professional services, you can pocket a hefty amount of money!

Pros and Cons

• Detail-Finish nozzle for small scale projects and fine finishing
• iSpray nozzle for broad painting coverage
• Have adjustment settings for different spray pattern and sizes
• Lightweight and compact
• Powerful spraying force (Can spray 8 gallons per hour)
• Ideal for home usage

• Susceptible to paint clogging
• The cleaning process takes time

What Are Customers Saying About It?

The Flexio 590 is doing great in the market, mostly on online retailers. People who have bought this product have mentioned good things about it. Specifically, they are praising the versatility of this paint sprayer.

One user told that this is the only paint sprayer he used that can cater a myriad of coatings. That user also specified that the Flexio 590 gives total control to the amount of paint being produced.

Moreover, users of this product love the quality of finish it can produce. Whether it is outdoor or indoor, this tool can keep up, according to them.

Some told that for a professional-grade paint sprayer, this tool is generously priced.


For homeowners like you, having the Flexio 590 paint sprayer is truly beneficial. It includes modern ergonomics that can make painting an easy job. Moreover, it has a durable and compact construction that guarantees you that it will stand the test of time.

Aside from that, this tool can produce professional finishes. It will help you improve the appearance of your home, and at the same time, preserve their quality.

Therefore, we highly recommend this paint sprayer to you! Trust us! You will never regret buying it!